I have spoken to a charity about my Will

If you have expressed an interest in using the National Free Wills Network to the charity you support – and they are members of the National Free Wills Network – you will receive Your Charity Free Wills Pack. The pack will include everything you need to complete your Will; including a list of your nearest participating solicitors and a yellow Confidential Declaration Form that acts as your Free Will voucher. Please note that the pack will be sent from the National Free Wills Network once your information has been received from the charity. From this point, Your Charity Free Wills Pack should take no longer than 5 working days to reach you. 

Once you have received your Charity Free Wills Pack, simply follow the step by step guide to completing your Will;

  1. Choose your nearest or most convenient solicitor from the list provided
  2. Call the solicitor directly and make your appointment
  3. Take your yellow Confidential Declaration Form to the appointment
  4. The solicitor will draft your Will according to your instructions
  5. Sign the Confidential Declaration Form once your Will is completed

A gift of any value makes a difference; many people take the opportunity to leave a share or percentage of their estate, the final amount is decided after gifts to friends and family and saves you having to decide on a precise amount. You can also choose to give a specific sum of money or items such as jewellery, shares or property. Most people that use the Network do leave a gift to their chosen charity but it isn’t an obligation of using the service. 

What should I do if I have not received my Free Wills Charity Pack?

Once the National Free Wills team receives your information from the charity then you should receive the Pack within 5 working days. However, if you have not received your expected pack within 2 weeks of contacting the charity please contact us for a replacement pack.  

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